Broadcast Email Options

In addition to resources provided by the HAA, some Clubs and SIGs use external resources to manage their organization's email communications.  

While many Clubs and SIGs use broadcast email tools, they are independent of the HAA. The Clubs and SIGs team can provide general guidance on email content but are unavailable for technical support. No matter what method you use, research your local laws about email to ensure that your organization is in compliance. 

Organization Email Address

You can leverage an organizational email account (ex: to send and receive emails.

  • Allows you to send emails directly from the organization's email account, and receive responses to the same address

  • Use the BCC function to ensure privacy of your contact list

  • Provides a historical view for future leadership

  • Free accounts are available from services like Google, Microsoft Outlook, and Yahoo

Email Marketing Platforms

Some Clubs and SIGs utilize third-party email marketing platforms like Mailchimp. Platforms like this offer both free and paid versions depending on your needs and sometimes include features beyond a basic email account, such as templates and segmenting. 

  • Free and paid versions are available

  • Include features beyond a basic email account, such as templates and segmenting

  • Learn more about MailChimp

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