Operations & Governance Resources Overview


Annual Report Submissions
Each Spring, we ask each Club and SIG to complete an Annual Report survey. This information provides key benchmarking and informs the resources, programs, and benefits available to all Clubs and SIGs. 

Annual Report Book
Access the most recent Clubs and SIGs Annual Report book to obtain strategic information collected in the Annual Report Survey, and a comprehensive overview of the Clubs and SIGs network. 


Bylaws (Sample) 

Bylaws are required for all Harvard Clubs and SIGs to detail the operating procedures of the organization. Sample Bylaws are also available.


Club & SIG Awards

Presented annually at the Alumni Leadership Conference, these awards recognize the exceptional work of Clubs and SIGs and their volunteer leaders.  


Community Expectations Resources and Guidelines

Clubs and SIGs are encouraged to adopt a code of conduct for volunteers, members, staff, and guests.  This compliation of resources can provide guidance for difficult conversations, alumni/volunteer conduct, and commmunity inclusion values.  


Financial Management Guidelines

Clubs and SIGs should always exercise sound financial management. The HAA provides recommended policies for organization leaders and members to follow.


Indigenous Acknowledgements

The resources provided may be helpful for those crafting acknowledgments for their community to be shared at the opening of events and/or included on websites.


Insurance Information (US-Based Clubs & SIGs)

Some Harvard Clubs and SIGs purchase insurance. This FAQ can help organizations determine the what best meets their needs.


New Leadership Checklist
 A key aspect of onboarding new leadership successfully is to transition information to incoming volunteer leaders.  This handy checklist will ensure a smooth transition!


Operating Guidelines

All Harvard Clubs and SIGs are expected to function within the following operating guidelines to maintain their recognition and good standing.


Sponsorship Guidelines

The HAA provides general guidelines when working with corporate sponsors.


Staff Liaisons 

We’re here to help! Each HAA staff liaison and staff assistant works directly with a cohort of Clubs and SIGs to provide guidance and support for your operational, programmatic, and communications efforts. Look for regular emails from your staff liaison or check the staff directory.  


Tax Information (US-Based Clubs & SIGs)

Get answers to the most common tax-related questions encountered by U.S. Harvard Clubs and SIGs.


Trademark Policy

Harvard University’s various trademarks (names and shields/logos) are used with the express permission of the President and Fellows of Harvard College (hereinafter “Harvard,” “Harvard University” or “University”). Under Harvard’s use-of-name policies and guidelines, all Harvard Clubs and SIGs have a responsibility to ensure that any implied association with the University is accurate.