University-Wide Welcome to Admitted and Incoming Students Events

Spring & Summer 2024


Local Harvard clubs often provide admitted students with their first in-person welcome to our Harvard community through yield-building events in the spring and welcome events in the summer (northern-hemisphere seasons). The HAA is eager to support your efforts with these two opportunities to help new admits and incoming students connect to the Harvard community despite the pandemic limitations:

  • Welcome to Newly Admitted Students Events (Spring)

While individual school timelines vary, most Harvard schools share an overlapping window between their offers of admission and enrollment confirmation deadlines from March 22 to April 11, 2024. If your club is planning a yield-boosting event, it is recommended that you consider this timeframe while scheduling your event. Please note that the College admits will be invited at the discretion of the College Admission Office based on other existing outreach in that location. The deadline to register to host a Welcome to Newly Admitted Students event is January 22, 2024.


  • Welcome to Incoming Students & Their Families (Summer)

Welcome to Incoming Students events are a great opportunity to welcome newly enrolled students and their families and to engage with their local Harvard community. Many clubs plan this event in July or August to serve a dual purpose in also welcoming new graduations who may be returning or relocating to the community. As you decide on your event date, please note that many GSAS students are especially likely to depart for campus’ programs in June or July. The deadline to register to host a Summer Welcome to Incoming & Their Families Event is May 2, 2024. 


To register your club to host a spring and/or summer welcome event please complete THIS FORM.  All the information you provide will be added to an event listings page (will be updated) to better facilitate the communication process for our colleagues at the Harvard Admission offices with the newly admitted and incoming students.



  • Spring events must be submitted by January 22, 2024 to be included; Summer events must be submitted by May 2, 2024.
    • Only fully completed forms will be processed, and information added to the online listing.  
  • If there is a Harvard College Schools & Scholarships Committee in your area, please be in contact with them to coordinate efforts before completing the form. 
    • As not every country/city has a Harvard College Schools & Scholarships Committee, please reach out to for details in your community. We would appreciate your patience regarding a possible delay in receiving a response as they are in the midst of the application process.
  • Harvard College Parents Committee is eager to support efforts to welcome families to Harvard. This dedicated group of parent ambassadors help the College convene and foster an engaged and supportive community of Harvard parents around the world and are happy to assist through co-hosting the summer welcome event, taking the lead on the parent-focused portion of the event, or simply being a resource.
    • As members of the Harvard College Parents Committee do not reside every country/city, please reach out to the Harvard College Fund Parent Engagement Program at for details in your community.
  • Most Harvard Clubs share an expansive view of our Harvard community, welcoming parents and guardians of students. As you plan these events, please make every effort to include the families of incoming students. You can encourage admitted and/or incoming students to share the event invitations with their parents/guardians.
  • The HAA is unable to provide admitted or enrolled student contact information prior to students’ arrival on campus. Promotion via the admissions offices is our only means of promoting these events to new students.
  • It is not possible for us to provide counts of newly admitted or incoming students per city/country.
    • Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that your event/s is/are of general interest to local alumni so that you will still be able to attract club members to attend even if there are few or no newly admitted or incoming students in your area.
  • Please respect student privacy by refraining from posting or distributing their names and/or photos with their nametags or similar visible.


Event guidance linked here!


Questions? Please contact your staff liaison or email