Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau provides club and SIG communities the opportunity to connect to the intellectual riches of the University through faculty speakers. During the 2022-2023 academic year, the Speakers Bureau program will continue to build upon the collaborative, cohort-based remote model for SIGs and internationally based clubs. Additionally, pending the course of the pandemic, in-person speaking events will be available for domestic clubs. 


  • Each international club and SIG cohort may request one faculty speaker per semester to address their communities remotely for a shared virtual event. HAA Directors for Clubs and SIGs are responsible for submitting virtual speaker requests on behalf of their cohort and for coordinating the creation, logistics, marketing, and registration for the event with the club/SIG leaders in the cohort. 
  • Individual clubs may request a faculty speaker to address them in person within the United States or Canada if CDC, local public health authority, and Harvard guidelines allow for such travel and large convenings. Club presidents or their designees are responsible for coordinating these requests and managing the logistics of the events.
    • Clubs are responsible for the speaker's hotel accomodations and transportation to and from the local airport or train station for in-person events. The HAA is responsible for the speaker's travel and incidentals. 


As in years past, the HAA will manage faculty speaker invitations, confirmation, and briefings. Please note that faculty speakers agree to participate in the program for the academic year – late summer requests are unlikely to be scheduled.

Information on participating faculty members can be found in the Speakers Bureau catalog. The deadline for AY22-23 speaker requests has passed.


Any questions? Please contact clubs@harvard.edu or call 617-495-3070.


Important note: Harvard University and HAA policies and Speakers Bureau program parameters are subject to change as the pandemic evolves. Faculty travel may be adjusted or cancelled in response to University guidance and/or faculty members' willingness and availability to travel.