Website Tools for Harvard Club & Shared Interest Groups

The HAA strives to assist all Clubs and SIGs to refine and invigorate their communities with enhanced, easy to use website tools. Our partner AlumniMagnet has designed a suite of website tools for Harvard Clubs and SIGs in response to the most frequently reported challenges.

Challenge #1: Clubs and SIGs need a centralized communications hub and previous centralized Club and SIG websites are outdated.

AlumniMagnet replaced all previously existing HAA-provided club and SIG websites with more robust & functional sites.

  • More options informed by how club and SIG websites and custom site functionality previously unavailable on HAA Club and SIG websites.

  • Less clunky content management system.

  • More attractive look & feel.

Challenge #2: Broadcast email solutions are costly and unevenly employed & managing Alumni lists is time-consuming.

The HAA now provides Clubs and SIGs with a broadcast email tool.

  • Easy to use DIY tool

  • Staff support not required, but available

  • Analytics provided

  • Protects against SPAM filters

Challenge #3: It is difficult to build engagement.

Tools and support to help with drive membership and create more events are available.

  • Membership management tools and event registration tool included with all websites.

  • Creation of user group for sharing advice and best practices.

Challenge #4: Clubs and SIGs want more communications support and resources.

These new tools will ensure that you get it.

  • Increased focus on training and information sharing digitally via webinars and user groups.

  • Gazette, Harvard Magazine and Crimson feeds for websites.

  • Resource site for all Cub and SIG officers provide content and information.

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