Summer Community Service Fellowship Program


Help students thinking about working in the public interest by funding a Summer Community Service Fellowship (SCSF).  Through this program, Clubs and SIGs have the opportunity to provide a fellowship to a Harvard undergraduate working with a nonprofit host organization in their local community or area.  Participating Clubs and SIGs find the program to be an exciting and creative way both to support Harvard’s students and contribute to their home communities. Club and SIG members particularly applaud the degree of “hands-on” engagement and interaction, as they directly speak with students about their experiences, receive student reflection reports at the end of the summer and make recommendations on fellowship award recipients to a selection committee representing Harvard University, the HAA, the Center for Public Interest Careers (CPIC), and hosting Clubs and SIGs.

Established in 1992, the Summer Community Service Fellowship (SCSF) program has become a crucial initiative in supporting the development of a new generation of graduates working for the public interest. The program, administered jointly by the HAA and CPIC, provides the largest source of funding for summer public service at Harvard College. It is recommended that participating Clubs and SIGs raise approximately $3,500-$5,000 per fellowship, which is given to the student as a stipend to offset the income they would have earned, had they worked in a for-profit organization.

Students have applied their fellowships in a variety of places: a pediatric HIV program in St. Louis; a women’s shelter in Washington, D.C.; a youth-enrichment program in South Miami; a theater company in Philadelphia; Students for an Energy-Efficient Environment in Lexington, Kentucky; a museum in Chapel Hill, North Carolina; and a medical center ob/gyn clinic in Minnesota.

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If you have any questions about the Summer Community Service Fellowship program, please contact Monica Lesar at or 617-496-2523.