Additional SIG Resources

In 2015 a new committee of the HAA Board of Directors was formed to focus explicitly on the particular issues Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) face.

The group is made up of volunteer directors with experience working with various SIGs and other alumni groups and co-chaired by Emily Parrott AB ’09 and Ryan Thoreson AB ’07. Its inaugural charge was “to identify concrete and actionable ways to help SIGs with the challenges they face as virtual organizations and to share best practices among groups and with the HAA.”

In 2015-16, the group focused on several areas including: collaborating with Clubs and other alumni groups, leadership transition, technology services used by SIGs, and financial resources used by SIGs. They drafted new resources and guides in each area based on their experience with their groups. You can access those resources below. However, please note these guides include the experiences and cases of other SIGs and are not meant to be an endorsement of any one approach or system.

Additional resources will be added for the 2016-17 year as they are completed. Works in progress include resources designed to assist establishing regional groups or chapters, outreach to students, and Club/SIG collaboration.

  1. President Transition Template
  2. Leadership Succession Planning
  3. Financial Guide
  4. Technology Guide

Please email if you have any questions or are looking for other resources for SIGs.