haa-20-3919-clubs---sigs-alc-med-image-fAlumni Leadership Conference 2020

The Alumni Leadership Conference brings HAA Club and Shared Interest Group leaders and Contacts from around the world together to share wisdom, gain insight, and connect to resources. The weekend provided an opportunity to network with fellow volunteer leaders and included two faculty speakers, Laura Huang, MBA Class of 1954 Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School and Emma Dench, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern History and of the Classics.


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2020 Alumni Leadership Conference Meeting Materials & Information

International Meeting

The International Meeting provides international alumni volunteers opportunity to explore topics related to their specific opportunities and challenges before joining the larger group of worldwide Club and SIG volunteers to share wisdom, gain insight, and connect to resources.

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International Admissions Officers Panel Session and Interactive Q&A 

This panel provided an opportunity for International Club, Contact & SIG leaders to learn about the different University's priorities and work outside the United States and to connect with University entities with whom they may collaborate with in their regions and learn from each other.

Facilitator: Felix Motta MPA '14, HAA Director for Clubs & SIGs, Latin America, Harvard Club of Panama

Panelists: John J. Aslanian from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Eileen Chang from the Harvard Business School, Matt Clemons from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Ernald Furxhi from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Gabi Goode/ Kanoe Williams from Harvard College, Kerri Noonan from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Margaret Okada-Scheck from the Harvard Divinity School, Stephanie Parsons from the Harvard graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Catherine Peshkin from the Harvard Law School

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AlumniMagnet Training 

These trainings were used as a time for AlumniMagnet administrators to learn about some new features that are going to be offered for full AlumniMagnet websites as well as bring questions to go over with the group. This time was also used to go over how to send out a newsletter as well as post an event on the website.

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New Leaders Seminar

The New Leaders Seminar brought together new Club and SIG leaders with HAA Directors fors Clubs and SIGs and HAA staff to share information regarding HAA Club and Shared Interest Group structure, support, and services. The session introduced new leaders to crucial aspects of a well-functioning Harvard Club or Shared Interest Group, provided the foundation for relationships among new leaders of HAA communities groups to facilitate ongoing peer-to-peer support and collaboration, and built relationships among new and established Club and SIG leaders to make attending the ALC more fun and comfortable for new attendees.  

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Board Management Challenges 

Succession planning & leadership pipeline are key to the long-term health of Clubs and SIGs – and there are plenty of challenges that can get in the way. This session explored common challenges including building a volunteer pipeline, succession planning, onboarding & offboarding volunteers. 

Facilitator: Elizabeth Kan AB '85, HAA Director from Clubs & SIGs, Europe, Harvard Club of France

Panelists: Jim Marino AB '94 Harvard Club of Northeast Ohio, Jeannie Park AB '83 Harvard Asian American Alumni Alliance, and Jimena Fernandez AB '91 Harvard Club of Mexico


Maximizing Student Engagement

Clubs & SIGs learned about supporting current Harvard students and future leaders and explore programmatic opportunities for your organization to support our newest community members.

Facilitator: Courtney Walsh MPP '13 HAA Director for Clubs & SIGs, Professional Interest Groups, Harvard Women in Defense, Diplomacy, and Development

Panelists: Mike Temenski AB '79 HAA Director for Clubs and SIGs, Southwest US, Harvard Club of Phoenix, Peter Mazareas AB '73 and Larry Kahn AB '83 Early College Awareness, Andy Esposito AB '81 First Generation Harvard Alumni & Paul Martin AB '94 First Generation Harvard Alumni

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Sustainability in Your Clubs & SIGs and at Harvard

Leaders learned about Harvard’s Climate Action Plan and how Clubs and SIGs can create more sustainable meetings, events and communications, as well as how to access resources to inform your work and drive engagement around this important topic.

Panelists: Heather Henriksen MPA ’08, David J. Havelick ALM ’14 from the Harvard Office of Sustainability 

Click here to be directed to the Harvard University Sustainability website.


Survey Savvy 

Surveys are a great way to gather feedback to inform engagement strategies. This session showed how Clubs and SIGs are using surveys, get tips and tricks that have worked for various organizations and geared up to gain useful information from your constituents.

Facilitator: Ed Rocha AB '06 Harvard Latino Alumni Alliance 

Panelists: Yuko Thomas AB '92 Harvard Club of the United Kingdom, Margaret Kane PhD '83 HAA Director for Clubs & SIGs Northern California, Harvard Club of Sacramento, Regina Ryan MPA '04  Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs

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Click here to download HAE's program planning survey. Click here to download HAE's strategic planning survey.

Click here for the Harvard Club of Sacramento's strategic planning survey from 2019. Click here for their synopsis survey from 2019.

Click here for HC of UK membership survey from 2016. Click here for their 2016 survey synopsis.

Click here for the HC of UK strategic planning survey from 2011. Click here for their synopsis from 2011.


HAA Clubs & Shared Interest Groups Organizational Insights 

The purpose of this session was to give an overview of the Clubs & SIGs team here at the HAA. HAA Clubs and Shared interest groups are geography-, interest-, and identity-based alumni communities that embody the values of respect, innovation, trust, collaboration, sharing, and inclusion. The HAA seeks to create an environment where Club and Shared Interest Groups Leaders are informed regarding their responsibilities, how to connect their communities to each other and Harvard, and how to engage HAA resources and programs. 

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Club & SIG Collaboration

Collaboration amongst geographically-based and identity- and interest-based alumni communities are a leading area of opportunity. People learned about current collaborations and identify potential partners for your organization’s efforts.

Facilitator: Vanessa Beary EdM'11, EdD '14 Harvard Alumni for Education, ALC 2020 Co-Chair

Panelists: Jakob Haesler MPA '99 Harvard Club of France & Henry Biggs AB '86 Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, Gautham Reddy AB '85 HAA Director for Clubs & SIGs, Northwest US Harvard Club of Seattle & Carlos Obando MBA '83 Harvard Alumni for Education , Madeleine Mejia EdM '00 Harvard Club of Southern California 

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Using Technology to Mind the Gaps: Engaging Diverse and Diffuse Populations

Explore various strategies Clubs and SIGs have successfully used to address the challenges of driving communication, participation and volunteerism across generations and geographic distance and identify specific approaches your organization can undertake.

Facilitator: Rowena Frazer AB '76, HAA Director for Clubs and SIGs, South, Harvard Club of Birmingham, ALC 2020 Co-Chair

Panelists: Alison Chaltas AB '88 Harvard Club of Rhode Island, Pamela Fisher ALM '12 Harvard Club of Central Florida, Duval Guimarães MPP '13 Harvard Alumni Club of Brazil, David Schlakman AB '76 Harvard Club of Louisiana 


Community Impact via Cambridge Connections

Community impact and connection to Harvard are areas where many Clubs and SIGs are looking to build. How might the two support each other? Club and SIG Leaders learned how organizations based far from Cambridge are thinking beyond the Book Prize to forge beneficial connections between campus and their communities.

Facilitator:  Bob Manson MPA '04 HAA Director for Clubs and SIGs, Europe, Harvard Club of Ireland 

Panelists: Alexis Wheeler JD '09 Harvard Club of Seattle & Michael Bervell AB '19 Harvard Club of Seattle, Keith Collar AB '86, EdM '00 Harvard Graduate School of Education, Hannah Kilgore MEd '10 Harvard Club of Ireland

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