Using Social Media to Engage Alumni


This video discusses how to use social media as a strategy to engage your alumni. Margaret Crane AB '14 sat down with Eddy Dominguez AB'01 who is the president of the Harvard Club of Central Florid and Adrian Blake AB '88 who is a social media chair of  the class of 1988.


  • Determine which platforms would have the most success in reaching your community 

    • Facebook can make private subgroups and provide messaging boards. Instagram is a good visual platform to showcase events.

  • Use social media platforms to authentically network

    • You can create social media subgroups based on similar interests and provide an opportunity for your community to connect and have access each other

  • Create a position on your board that is dedicated to handling social media

    • Using a paid board member or a volunteer on your board, who has the passion and dedicating to grow your organization’s social media platform

  • Use social media to advertise events for members/potential members

    • Prompting incentives for potential members to attend your events and learn more about the organization and engaging current members by giving them the “VIP treatment” at your event.