Using Remote Meetings to Engage Alumni


This video discusses the bennefits of using remote meetings to engage with your alumni. Margaret Crane AB '14 sat down with Marian Dry co-chair of Class Act HR '73 and the director of the Benazir Bhutto leadership program, and  Eddy Dominguez AB '01 who is the president of the Harvard Club of Central Florida.


  •  Connect your organization with local and international members  

    • Zoom provides the opportunity to have everyone in the room virtually. Members can attend meetings that distance would normally not allow

  • Use Zoom to organize your meetings

    • Zoom provides user friendly tools to record meetings, distribute documents and provide platforms for meeting preparation

  • Take Conference calls to the next level

    • Zoom allows people to visually engage on a call and can help with meeting management

  • Increase engagement by providing hybrid meetings

    • Some members of your organizations may prefer virtual meeting. As a result, proving the option of attending a meeting in person or through Zoom, can increase the overall engagement of your meeting