Using Webinars to Engage Alumni


This video discusses how to leverage webinars to engage with your members virtually. Margaret Crane AB '14 sat down with Regina Ryan MPA '04 co-president of the Harvard Alumni for Entrepreneurs and Eddy Dominguez AB '01 who is the president of the Harvard Club of Central Florida.


  • Use webinars to engage with your members  

    • Survey your members to learn what topics they are interested in. Use this information to select the webinar speakers and themes.

  • Provide members with an educational experience, they may not have access to

    • Organize key educational and community leaders to present during webinars. Also provide space to allow members to personally engage with speakers (live Q&A or breakout discussions)

  • Use webinars to engage protentional members

    • Advertising your webinars publicly, can allow people to show interest in your organization through a topic or speaker that resonates with them.

  • Access to speakers/moderators for webinars

    • Since webinars happen online, organizations may find it easier to secure speakers/moderators since location is not a barrier