Using Communications Platforms to Engage Alumni (Websites)


This video discusses some of the best ways to engage alumni using online platforms. Margaret Crane AB '14 sat down with Marian Dry co-chair of Class Act HR '73 and the director of the Benazir Bhutto leadership program, Regina Ryan MPA '04 co-president of the Harvard Alumni for Entrepreneurs , as well as  Eddy Dominguez AB '01 who is the president of the Harvard Club of Central Florida.


  • Serve as a base of operation for your organization

    • Your website content can include: information on how to become a member; events; bylaws; mission; etc.

  • Select a platform that best matches your organization’s goals

    • Alumni Magnet, Wild Apple, & Square Space are some examples of website platforms

  • Control access to your website

    • Organization may allow members to have full access to their website (access to membership only events, networking opportunities, etc.) while potential members may only have access to more public facing information (mission, public events, bylaws, information on how to become a member, etc.)

  • Provide membership data

    • Websites can be used to house/organize membership data, which can help with engagement and recruitment.