Early College Awareness Resources and Links


Resource Materials for Clubs to Use in Program Development:
ECA Timeline
ECA Introductory Letter to Potential School Participant
Sample ECA Program Agenda
Sample ECA Program Agenda - Phoenix
Sample Event Brochure - Minnesota
Sample Event Brochure - DC
Sample Event Brochure (Spanish)
Sample Panelist Certificate
Sample Speaker Certificate
PowerPoint Presentation: Making Curriculum Real (4.11.2014 - Lynn Classical High School) - Event Pictures: (12)
ECA Flyer (4.26.2014 - KIPP: St. Louis)


Useful Resources and Information for Attendees:
The Sallie Mae Fund - Free Downloads for Financial aid and Scholarship Info
PowerPoint Presentation: How to Pay for College
Powerpoint Presentation for Informational Session: CollegePrep Jeopardy


Additional Education and College Planning Links:

College Planning
National College Finance Center
Federal Government
College Board
American Council on Education


529 College Savings
College Savings Plan Network
Saving for College
College Savings Foundation




State Agencies: Most states have student loan authorities and 529 Programs that provide a host of free services and resources. Two examples include:
Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority
Iowa Student Loan


Useful Research:
From Aspiration to Action - Institute for Higher Education Policy
Potholes on the Road to College (Case Studies) - Consortium on Chicago School Research
Double the Numbers for College Success - Washington, D.C. Call to Action