Club & SIG Requirements to Remain in Good Standing


1.    Leadership
Appoint a minimum of three volunteer officers to manage the organization, namely the President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Occasionally, one of these officers may also undertake additional leadership roles within the organization.

2.    Event Hosting

Organize at least three events annually, which can be a mix of Club/SIG events, HAA-enabled events, or both.

3.    Annual Report

Submit responses to the Annual Report survey each spring, which provides insights into global and regional trends in Club and SIG activities and engagement. 

4.    Compliance with Operating Agreement

Annually sign the Operating Agreement, which should be endorsed by the President/Co-presidents and Treasurer. This agreement encompasses Harvard Trademark rules, branding, data privacy/security, codes of conduct, community values, financial guidelines, and more.

5.    Bylaws Maintenance

Clubs and SIGs must establish and maintain bylaws that outline the organization's operating procedures. These bylaws should be reviewed periodically (e.g., every three years) to ensure they meet the organization's needs and align with the Operating Agreement. Reference sample of bylaws are available.