HAA Resources Overview

Annual Report Submissions
The Annual Report is a strategic development tool for HAA Clubs, SIGs, and Contacts that provides key benchmarking information and informs the resources, programs and benefits available to Clubs and SIGs. 

Annual Report Clubs & SIGs Booklet
Access the Clubs and SIGs Annual Report booklet to see find informative data on alumni, volunteers, clubs (small, medium, large) and SIGs.

Broadcast Email Support 

Limited broadcast email support (up to two dedicated emails per year) is available to Clubs and SIGs not utilizing the HAA-provided suite of digital tools. Contact your staff liaison to make arrangements for a broadcast email to be sent to alumni in your geographical catchment (Clubs) or your membership (SIGs). The HAA will need at least ten business days advance notice to send e-broacast messages on behalf of Clubs, Contacts, and SIGs.

Certificates of Appreciation 

Clubs and SIGs may request e-certificates of appreciation for outgoing presidents and other senior board members. Please contact your staff liaison to request e-certificates, allowing at least ten business days advance notice.


Club and SIG Directories 

Connect to your fellow Club and SIG leaders via the Club Directory or SIG Directory on alumni.harvard.edu.  

Data Strategy Tips & Alumni Lists (non AlumniMagnet)

Clubs and SIGs not utilizing the HAA-provided suite of digital tools are eligible to receive alumni data on an annual basis. For Clubs, all alumni within the Club’s geographical catchment area are included. SIGs receive updated contact information for their members, as well as new alumni leads generated by the HAA’s SIG marketing efforts. Alumni lists can be requested via the Annual Report and Officer Listing, or by contacting your staff liaison


Digital Tools (AlumniMagnet) 

HAA-provided Club and SIG sites include a public-facing website, event calendar and registration capability, broadcast email functionality, and alumni data that is updated daily. One-on-one training and a variety of training resources for Clubs and SIGs utilizing these tools are available. 


Event Listings 

Events posted to AlumniMagnet sites are automatically posted to the HAA Events and Programs Calendar at alumni.harvard.edu/programs-events and selectively included in HAA event emails. Those not utilizing an AlumniMagnet site may submit events to be considered for inclusion in HAA event emails via this online form.


HAA Directors for Clubs

HAA Directors for Shared Interest Groups

Each Club and SIG is represented by an HAA Director for Clubs and Shared Interest Groups. These experienced Club and SIG leaders each work with a small cohort of organizations to provide advice and thought partnership. 

Photo Procurement Form

Using this form, you can request a selection of Harvard University campus images for use in HAA Club and SIG websites, newsletters, PowerPoints, and print materials. 


Staff Liaisons 

We’re here to help! Each HAA staff liaison and staff assistant works directly with a cohort of Clubs and SIGs to provide guidance and support for your operational, programmatic, and communications efforts. Look for regular emails from your staff liaison or check the staff directory